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Information NOW is even more user friendly!

It’s fantastic to see how has developed since it was relaunched in 2013. We can see that many of you are now using mobile devices to visit the website with an astounding 495% more visitors to Information NOW using mobile phones, ipads and tablets to view the website and 55% more visitors using desktop computers!

We are continuing to improve the website and have now installed software to make the website even more accessible. And did you know that we have now installed the Recite Me toolbar on the website? This means that you can change how Information NOW looks and behaves to make it work better for you. You can now:

listen to the website as it's read aloud;read and print the website in 52 different languages;change the colour and contrast of the website;increase the text size;have words explained to you using the interactive dictionary;change the font style;and do much more!

Why not have a look at the new accessibility options today and see how it can work for you? Visit and click on the 'Show accessibility options' button in the right-hand corner to reveal the new toolbar.

P.S. You don't have to download any software on your computer to use this as we're using cloud-based technology. Choose the options you would like to try and just explore!

Information NOW Annual Report

Please refer to the Annual Report  for Information NOW following the successful re launch of the website in May 2013. You may be interested to read how we reached over 108,000 unique visitors in 2013. This has continued to grow in 2014 over 11,000 people visited the site in January alone.

Monitoring how people use Information NOW presents us with great insight into the issues and concerns that people have within Newcastle. Please view the report for more detail.

We can also see how people are accessing Information NOW. There has been a huge shift in the number of people accessing Information NOW via mobile technology with a 200% increase in the number of visitors using mobile devices than in 2012.

It is clear that Information NOW is a well recognised and well used resource in the city as the vast majority of our visitors are coming directly to the website (not via a search engine).