'Pass It On'

The Elders Council has access to a great deal of information about services in the city.  When we go out and about, we are conscious that a lot of older people have no idea about the range of services and opportunities that are available to them.  Our 'Pass It On' group goes out to older people's groups and community events giving out information about the Elders Council and about key services and opportunities that are available to older people in the city.

If you would like to book a 'Pass It On' session, contact Lauren Hoy on [email protected] or call 235 9905.


Getting By with a Little Help: exploring alternative models of care and support at home

As older people, we know that social care is in urgent need of reform with fewer people getting the help they might need to remain independent at home.  A group of Elders Council members set out to explore alternative models of care and support.  Their findings are available in a report in the Reports section of the website.  Elders Council is now discussing the findings with Newcastle City Council and others in the hope that more innovative models of care will be offered in the city.