'Pass It On'

The Elders Council has access to a great deal of information about services in the city.  When we go out and about, we are conscious that a lot of older people have no idea about the range of services and opportunities that are available to them.  Our 'Pass It On' group goes out to older people's groups and community events giving out information about the Elders Council and about key services and opportunities that are available to older people in the city.

If you would like to book a 'Pass It On' session, contact Lauren Hoy on [email protected] or call 235 9905.


EC Fortnightly Ebulletin

Some of you are getting our new fortnightly ebulletin, the EC Fortnightly. As its title implies, it comes out every two weeks in order to update members on what’s happening in the period between newsletters.

Only 494 members have so far subscribed to this service. If you have email, would you like to add your name to the subscription list?  We think that you might find it a useful service to keep you up to date.  If you want to receive EC Fortnightly, please ring the office on  0191 208 2701 or email her at [email protected]

Of course, EC Fortnightly requires a bit of work to put together. Would you be willing to join a small team of members to take responsibility for doing this? If you’re interested, please ring Steve on 0191 273 4727; leave a voice message if he’s not in. We would, of course, give you training in the technical aspects of putting the bulletin together.