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We wish everyone all the very best for 2021.  We will continue to work hard to stay in touch with you all via email, telephone or zoom.  

We are delighted to start the new year by launching the report of our home care study.  Entitled 'Managing the Home Care Circus' the report is now available.  We hope you will find it interesting and we welcome your feedback. 

We are also very pleased to have been awarded a grant by the Postcode Community Trust to enable us to offer tablets and limited wifi to older people who want to get on-line.  To find out more look for 'Staying Connected' in at the Projects/Working Groups section of the website. 


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Older People Working for Older People...

The Elders Council is a group of people who are interested in having a say about how to make Newcastle a great city in which to grow old. We do this in a variety of ways - peer research, arts projects, focus groups and regular meetings with service providers and policymakers.

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Featured Projects

Managing the Home Care Circus

'Managing the Home Care Circus' is the report on the Elders Council's investigation of older people's experiences of home care in Newcastle.  The investigation was done by older people for older people and presents key messages about how best we can prepare, seek and manage home care support.  We welcome your feedback on the report. 

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Upcoming Events

Wellbeing for Life - Anyone can draw

Jesmond Wellbeing for Life Group

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